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Dasa Rooftop berlokasikan di Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur IV No. 8, Dago Pakar, Bandung. Rata-rata biaya yang diperlukan berkisaran Rp 125.000 / Orang, jam buka pada 16:00 - 22:00 dan merupakan Asia di area Dago Pakar. Restoran ini memang adalah destinasi wisata kuliner di area Dago Pakar. Di sini tersedia berbagai makanan enak and memang layak dikunjungi.

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  • sylviaphie


    Dasa Rooftop offers exactly as it name suggests: a rooftop. Very good city view from fifth floor on a hill, also romantic at night as it is not very crowded. Staff is very professional and friendly. However, food is just not that good. It's not terrible at all, but also not great in any way. I had their cheese spaghetti, prawn gratin and signature roll. The spaghetti tasted as you'd expect. The roll was good though in a very small portion. Prawn gratin was just a piece of a scrawny prawn with onion rings and rice. The prawn meat was almost completely replaced with mushrooms, and the rings texture felt like it was made with a cheap all-purpose flour. Presentation is good. If you're looking for a romantic date, this place has it all, though you might want to refrain from going here if your date is a website.

  • M3276UIjennyk


    Honestly I was beyond excited to go here and enjoy the food and ambience here. But as we got here, we asked the staff to let us know when there are empty place on the smoking (and aesthetic) area and they didn’t let us know until the end. There’s a couple on the table with bean bag and they ended up didn’t buy anything until we finished ordering and as we asked the staff to move us there they said there’s someone else already (yeah after 20 minutes finally a new visitor came and went there). I gotta say this though, the food could be amazing (the baked alaska) or meh. We ordered trufe fries because my friend’s truffle fettucine was amazing but the truffle fries didn’t even taste like they put any truffle in it. My other friend waited 1 hour for her volcano roll that only leads to disappointment to us. Sorry to say but a decent sushi place could offer us 20k volcano roll that tasted way better than this 59k way too expensive yet disappointing volcano roll. I will think twice to come here again, if I could find another place that could offer a better baked alaska then I’ll never go here again.

  • Dillo T


    Pretty disappointed by the service that they gave during my visit. I came here upon my friend's recommendation so we decided to go and taste the food. View and ambience wise are really nice, although we requested to have a seat in the beanbags that were not reserved but it was not given. That didn't bother me much. My friend asked for a spoon for her to eat with her pasta but it was not given. We ordered various types of foods and one food that disappointed me the most was the Volcano Roll. It took them an hour for the sushi to be served when the dessert and Truffle Fries that we ordered last are served. The plating of the sushi did look like it was made hurrily as if they forgot about the order. Despite the underwhelming Volcano Roll, one food that I have to highlight is the Baked Alaska, which would probably be the reason why I would come back to this place. In the end, they do have decent foods to serve and I do really hope that they can improve their service for their visitors, especially to those who have reserved their spot.

  • johnsonp6406


    The bestttttttt. .makanan enakkk, tempat asik n bgus bgt view nya, suasananya homey, pelayanannya bgus. .10 out of 10.

  • MuhyaM2


    They serve like nothing else in Bandung. I ordered enoki roll, gyukatsu, picanha steak, and lemon meringue. the enoki roll was really good! The cheese in it felt so right! 100% good! The gyukatsu was absolutely my favourite!!!! Finally i knew how the dry aged beef taste, because of the picanha steak i ordered. The beef’s taste was so intense! The minus side of this resto is the seating concept which use some beanbags. I feel between the concept of the menu and the seating is not match at all. Overall, nice!

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